NEW Antonio Pacelli Essential Irish Dance Ghillies (Pumps, Reel, Soft, Light Shoes)

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New from Antonio Pacelli
Traditional Irish dance pump

Leather upper and full suede soles


The Essential Irish dancing pump is made from high-grade leathers and is a great beginner pump or for a dancer who wants a quality pump but is on a tight budget.

Made in a traditional design, the Essential pump has leather uppers, a full black suede sole, and a cushioned leather-lined foam insole for comfort while dancing.

Summary of Features
  • Traditional design
  • Leather uppers
  • Full black suede sole
  • Leather side loops
  • Comfortable foam insole
  • Great value for money


 The shoe should fit snug when first worn, with toes just slightly curled. The high quality leather will stretch as the shoe is worn to become a perfect fit. The manufacturer does not provide a box - these shoes come in a plastic bag.


Not sure what size to order? 

 If you have a pair of shoes that fits well, check the tag or the boxes - often the UK size is listed along with the US size. If you have any questions or if this is your first time buying Irish dance shoes, please do not hesitate to contact us for sizing help!  

The guideline below is generally useful but does not guarantee a correct fit.  Ghillies are meant to fit snugly when first worn as the leather will stretch up to half a size as they are broken in.  If your dancer has a wide foot or is uncomfortable with a  snug fit, you may want to size up.


US Size (Dress Shoes) 

 11-13 1/2----up 1/2 size

1-1 1/2------even

2-4----------down 1 size

4 1/2-8 1/2--down 1 1/2 sizes

9-11---------down 1 size