Rutherford Black Suede Sole Irish Dance Ghillies (Pumps, Reel, Soft, Light Shoes)

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We love these ghillies for beginner and intermediate dancers.  A full, black suede sole is both flexible and supportive.  High quality leather uppers in a traditional style make this a long-wearing shoe, and the padded cushion insole makes it comfortable even after a long practice.  Traditional styling with a round toe works on most foot shapes.  We've found these to be some of the most durable and consistently comfortable ghillies available.


Not sure what size to order?  If you have a pair of shoes that fits well, check the tag or the boxes - often the UK size is listed along with the US size.

US Size (Dress Shoes) 

11-13 1/2----up 1/2 size

1-1 1/2------even

2-4----------down 1 size

4 1/2-8 1/2--down 1 1/2 sizes

9-11---------down 1 size